A very Nutter-esque bespoke Jacket

Max Harrison, the Maître d' at the Chiltern Firehouse, wears a stunning bespoke one-button shawl collar jacket that we made for him last Winter, reminiscent of the style popularised by the renowned tailor Tommy Nutter. Nutter was a trailblazer in men's fashion during the 1960s and 1970s, known for his bold and innovative designs that challenged traditional tailoring norms. He introduced daring elements like wide lapels, vibrant colours, and unconventional cuts, revolutionising the Savile Row scene.

The patch pockets on the bias on Max's jacket echo Nutter's avant-garde approach. Normally, patch pockets align with the fabric's grain, but placing them on the bias creates a dynamic visual effect. Nutter often incorporated such asymmetrical and distinctive details in his creations, showcasing his mastery of tailoring techniques and his rebellious spirit within the conservative world of bespoke menswear.

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Photography by Joseph Beeching