The longest standing independent menswear boutique on Chiltern Street. Grey Flannel has informed and inspired men on what to wear for almost fifty years.

As seen on Chiltern Street since 1974, the principal and founder of Grey Flannel, Richard Froomberg was one of Londons independent retail pioneers. Scouring the globe to source goods for his customers, Grey Flannel was one of the first stores to introduce brands like Stone Island, C.P Company, Armani and many more to London.

With the offer of quality and choice at the forefront when creating his own Grey Flannel collections. Richard’s passion for fabrics and detail have become the foundation for a business that has been trading for several decades. Now retired, Richard has passed the torch to renowned tailor, Timothy Everest MBE, to continue the legacy of Grey Flannel.

Taking Grey Flannel to new heights, Timothy brings his expertise with the addition of bespoke and made to measure services“Made by Everest” or simply put “MbE”, to the downstairs lounge of the Chiltern street store. 

Pictured above: Grey Flannel Ⓒ1985

Our Grey Flannel-ers at your service

Mr Tim

Timothy Everest MBE (Tim to all his clients and friends) The eponymous designer & tailor who began his career with the legendary Savile Row tailor, Tommy Nutter, as you might guess knows a thing or two about mens style and all things sartorial. Introduce yourself to him and we’re sure he’ll give you the grand tour of the shop and our tailoring lounge.

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Manager Extraordinaire

Our resident saxophonist and style arbiter. A Grey Flannel veteran who knows exactly what looks great on our customers and all-round great chap and gentlemen.


Our "man on the street”

Danny knows all the characters and local community on Chiltern Street. A big fan of anything with two wheels, he also knows one or two things about style which our customers greatly appreciate.