Inis Meáin SS24 Capsule Collection

Situated on the far edge of Europe, thirty miles off the western coast of Ireland, Inis Meáin stands as one of the three Aran Islands. Its untamed and rugged beauty has captivated countless visitors over the years. However, thriving on the island has consistently demanded qualities of independence, resourcefulness, and innovation.

For centuries, the island's women have taken on the task of crafting the fishermen's attire, designing, knitting, and weaving garments that stand as a testament to their skill and tradition. The stitches, passed down through generations, intricately mirror the island's distinct environment: its tempestuous seas, expansive skies, untamed flora, and labyrinthine stone walls. These patterns, including diamonds, cables, the tree of life, moss, and more, serve as echoes of the island's natural wonders and rugged beauty.

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