MbE Made to Measure: Double Breasted Suits for Summer

Here on show in the shop window at the moment are a couple of our made to measure pieces which are available to create in our downstairs lounge.

Whilst selecting fabrics and choosing the styles we wanted to create a comfortable suit that was casual yet elegant. Looking at the result I’m sure David Bowie “Let’s Dance” must have been playing in the studio. The wool/linen blend fabric used to create these suits provide all the benefits of a linen suit without the negatives of creasing and loosing its shape, an absolute game changer for summer.

Two unstructured double breasted suits with two different button configurations
(Ecru DB: 2 show 2 - Green DB: 1 show 1). 

If you’re interested in made to measure, please feel free to drop by the store or contact us here and we’ll happily show you what we can do!