Meet Your Makers - Grey Flannel X Thread Tales Collaboration

Embarking on this journey to introduce recycled cashmere into our collection would not have been possible without the support of our partner, KPA Cashmere, a Nepal-based family business.

KPA produce knitwear and woven products providing a source of income for many underprivileged citizens.  All their cashmere sweaters, scarves and other accessories are made by hand, mostly by women. Everything is produced under the same roof in a clean, safe, environment where the team is paid a living wage.

Meet our makers - Nanda, Iswori and Tara who have made our recycled sweaters and tie-dye scarves. The business from Thread Tales provides a stable income and a safe place to work to support their families and provide a sense of purpose.


How long does creating a single piece for our Recycled Cashmere collection take? How much work goes into it?

Recycling and creating a new cashmere piece can take up to 3-4 days as every process is done manually. Cashmere waste from factories is sorted by hand to create new, treasured pieces. This requires the patience, expertise and skilled touch of the trained KPA Cashmere employees, the majority of whom are women of all generations, from the local community.

When all the cashmere waste, sourced from local companies has been utilised, KPA sources recycled cashmere yarn from Consignee - Oeko-Tex, accredited world renowned yarn producer based in China, find out about our alternative supplier here

The machines to knit our jumpers are operated by hand, which significantly lowers the carbon footprint of the process.

The looms to weave our scarves are operated by hand and the tie dye design is meticulously hand tie-dyed by these skilled artisans.


 Our values

We know that by choosing Thread Tales, you are making a choice not just based on exceptional quality, natural fibres and our designs, but also on the mission and the values behind them. We value your trust in us to deliver the highest standards of ethical production, ensuring our communities of Artisans are supported, and that our practices are respectful of the planet.


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