Oscars Weekend

With the 94th Academy Awards in tow, I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect and showcase a couple of "attendees" Timothy fitted out whilst working at the Oscars with L'Wren Scott back in 2000. 

Tom Cruise wears a classic Tux with bow tie purposely tucked under the collar.

Robin Williams walking out on stage before breaking out into a musical number.

Mr Tim fitted Burt Bacharach out in a 1960s inspired navy tuxedo, whilst the band all donned silver mohair suits. 

When asking Tim about the origin of the silver suits he told me...

"We were originally only going to fit Tom Cruise as I had worked with him recently on the Mission Impossible films, but one thing led to another and suddenly we were dressing Robin Williams, Don Was, Burt Bacharach...and before we knew it we were approving and styling anyone who was presenting awards on stage for the night. It was all a bit of a blur really. Then as a final request from the academy, they asked us to dress the Oscar Trophy Band as they had no suits. In a last minute panic I presented L'Wren with these silver mohair suits from my Sartorial Collection with Marks & Spencer. She absolutely loved them saying 'Gucci eat your heart out!', thinking they were really expensive suits but upon telling her the truth that they were in fact three hundred dollar suits, she responded 'you're so funny' not believing a word I said." 

And on that note, heres a video of Bacharach's medley performance.